Windows Protected My PC!

Windows Protected My PC!

When you attempt to install or run ShareRegion for the first time on your Windows PC, a SmartScreen warning dialog may appear.  This is a normal occurrence for very new software until it has been downloaded and executed enough times for it to build up a positive reputation with Microsoft.  If it has been "seen" before and is known to be safe, the warning box will no longer appear for other users.  To continue to install ShareRegion, click the More info link in the dialog then you can click the Run anyway button (see image below):

Software is Digitally Signed

The ShareRegion application and it's .msi setup file are both digitally signed using code signing certificate so you know that the executables are genuine.  From File Manager, right-click on the executable then select the Properties menu item.  When the Properties window appears, select the Digital Signatures tab.  Details of the certificate can be seen:

Can I turn SmartScreen off?

We don't recommend it - it's there to protect your PC, however, you can get more information about SmartScreen and how to turn it off directly from the Microsoft website: What is SmartScreen and how can it help protect me? (
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