I've Launched ShareRegion But I Can't See It

I've Launched ShareRegion But I Can't See It

Please check Task Manager to verify the executable is actually running.

The Application is Running (I can see it in Task Manager)

When you exit ShareRegion, it saves its current location and size so that the next time you launch it, it shows at the same location with the same size.  It's possible that the ShareRegion frame is no longer visible (in view) when you launch the application, for example,  it could have been used on another external monitor that is no longer attached to your PC.  To restore the frame to your primary monitor, press the following key sequence on your keyboard:

Press and hold down the Alt key, press S, press H, press R, release the Alt key (Alt+SHR)

The Application Refuses to Run (I can't see it in Task Manager)

The pre-requisites for running ShareRegion is that you must have .NET Framework Runtime installed (at least version 4.7.2) and also the Visual C++ Redistributable (at least 32-bit).  The ShareRegion installer will attempt to install these for you if they are missing, however it this didn't happen or you installed the application via the files rather than the installer, you can download the prerequisites here:

Download .NET Framework 4.7.2 - Download the Runtime (this is not required if you have a later version e.g. 4.8)
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