Email Policy

Email Policy

Along with most other human beings on Earth, A-apps hates receiving spam / unsolicited emails too, so our own email sending policy is simple.

We will send you emails only when:
  1. you contact us via email or raise a ticket in in our Support Portal and expect a response
  2. you buy a software licence (order receipt, details of the Licence Key and, if the first licence associated with your email address, your Licensing Portal login details)
  3. there are any sort of account/licence related issues
  4. you complete and submit an on-line form (processing is usually automated so will receive outcome via email)

If we want to:
  1. announce anything regarding our products,
  2. keep you informed of the latest news,
  3. let you know about offers,
  4. tell you anything else we can possibly think of,
then we will not be sending you emails about it - this is what social media is for. Simply follow us on Facebook, Twitter or subscribe to our blog's RSS feed - you're in control.

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