Can I Purchase More Activations for an Existing Licence?

Can I Purchase More Activations for an Existing Licence?

Yes, it's possible.  To do this, you need to transfer them from another licence.  If you don't have a suitable donor licence (for the same product and licence type) in your Licensing Portal account then you'll need to purchase one first.  Once you have a suitable donor licence, fill out the Add Licence Activations request:

The form requires you to input your Licensing Portal login email address, the ID of the licence that is going to receive the additional activations and the ID of the licence that is going to donate them.


In this view of the licences in the portal, you can see a node-locked licence for the ShareRegion product containing 2 activations.  There are no other licences in the account of the same product (ShareRegion) and type (node locked):

If the user wishes to add 2 more activations to that licence then they would need to purchase another ShareRegion Node Locked licence with 2 activations.  Once they have made the purchase, the new licence appears in the portal:

The user can now complete the Add Licence Activations request, specifying the existing licence ID to receive the 2 activations and the newly-purchased licence ID to supply them.  Instructions of how to find the licence IDs are on the request form.

Once the request has been processed without any errors, then the original licence will contain the extra activations and the newer, donor licence is revoked and can longer be used.

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